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Chromatography Reagents & Solvents

We are a leading Distributor / Channel Partner of ortho-phosphoric acid 85%, 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, 2-propanol, acetone, 1 propanol ar grade and potassium bromide from Vadodara, India.

Ortho-Phosphoric Acid 85%

Ortho-Phosphoric Acid 85%
  • Ortho-Phosphoric Acid 85%
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Product Details:

Density1.71 g/cm3 (20 Degree C)
Bp158 Degree C (1013 mbar)
Vapor Pressure2 hPa (20 Degree C)
Mp21 Degree C
PhLess than 0.5 (100 g/l,H2O,20 Degree C)
Viscosity Kinematic30.5 mm2/s (20 Degree C)

HPLC Buffers and Reagents

ortho-Phosphoric acid 85%

for HPLC LiChropur®



100 ml in Plastic bottle ( )


158 °C (1013 mbar)

vapor pressure

2 hPa (20 °C)


1.71 g/cm3 (20 °C)


21 °C


<0.5 (100 g/l, HO, 20 °C)

viscosity kinematic

30.5 mm2/s (20 °C)

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  • 1-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone
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Product Details:

Vapor Density3.4 (vs air)
Vapor Pressure0.29 mmHg ( 20 Degree C), 0.99 mmHg ( 40 Degree C)
AssayGreater than or equal to 99.0% (GC)
Autoignition Temperature518 Degree F
QualityFor metal speciation analysis

Solvents for GC applications1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone for metal speciation analysis, ≥99.0% (GC)

NMP was used:

  • As an aqueous physical solvent to measure the molar heat capacities
  • In the synthesis of Nafion/SiO2 nanocomposite membranes.
  • In the synthesis of N-Butyl-N,N-dimethyl chitosan iodide (QCh).
  • As an inducer to demonstrate phenotypic resistance to Chloramphenicol and ampicillin in Escherichia coli K-12 starins.
  • Used as polar solvent inducer for erythroleukemic cell differentiation.
  • As a blocking reagent in microarray manufacturing.

General Description:

  • NMP, effective solvent for organic and inorganic compounds. Tertiary amides in H-bond basicity are decreased by bulky substituents on carbon than bulky substituents on nitrogen. It is also an effective solvent for the decarbonylation of aldehydes. It exhibits as reagent and amidines formed from NMP exist as amidine-enediamine tautomers. As cosolvent it has ability to enhance the reactivity of other reagents.
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  • 2-Propanol
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Litre
Grade StandardHPLC
Packaging Size2.5 L
Packaging TypeBottle
SynonymsIsopropanol, IPA alcohol
Physical StateLiquid

Solvents for GC applications:

  • 2-Propanol for gas chromatography ECD and FID SupraSolv®. CAS No. 67-63-0, EC Number 200-661-7., for gas chromatography ECD and FID SupraSolv®

Technical Specifications:


1 l in Glass bottle (1009981000)


2.5 l in Glass bottle (1009982500)


82.4 °C (1013 hPa)

expl. lim.

2 - 13.4 %(V)

vapor pressure

43 hPa (20 °C)


0.786 g/cm3 (20 °C)

flash point

12 °C

Description Other Notes:

  • SupraSolv® ECD and FID is specially developed for gas chromatography in combination with ECD (Electron Capture Detetor) and FID (Flame Ionization detector). SupraSolv®solvents offer the largest specified retention time range, a clear baseline and a minimal signal-to-noise ratio leading to reliable and reproducible analysis results.
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  • Acetone
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Product Details:

Purity %95%
CAS Number67-64-1
Packaging Details2.5 litres bottle
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
SynonymsDimethyl Ketone,Dimethyl Carbonyl,Ketone Propane,2-propanone,beta-ketopropane
Chemical FormulaC3H6O
HS Code29141100
EC No.200-662-2
Odourpungent and floral (mint-like)
Shelf life2 to 5 years
Molecular Weight58.08 g/mol
Density0.7845 g/cm3
Melting Point-94.7 DegreeC
Boiling Point56.05 DegreeC
Solubility in waterMiscible
Vapor pressure30.6 kPa (25 DegreeC)
Acidity19.16 pKa (H2O)
Refractive index1.3588
Viscosity0.295 mPas
Flash Point-20 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature465 DegreeC
Freezing Point-95 DegreeC
Surface tension25.2 mN/m
Thermal Conductivity0.0115 W/m-K
HazardsHighly flammable,causes eye irritation and dizziness
PrecautionsKeep away from sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. Store in ventilated place.

Solvents for GC applications

Acetone for gas chromatography ECD and FID SupraSolv®. Acetone chemical formula CHCOCH, molar mass 58.08 g/mol and CAS No. 67-64-1., for gas chromatography ECD and FID SupraSolv®



1 l in Glass bottle (1000121000)


2.5 l in Glass bottle (1000122500)


30 l in Barrel stainl. st. (1000129030)


4 l in Glass bottle (1000124000)


56.2 °C (1013 hPa)

expl. lim.

2.6 - 12.8 %(V)

vapor pressure

233 hPa (20 °C)

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1 Propanol AR grade

1 Propanol AR grade
  • 1 Propanol AR grade
  • 1 Propanol AR grade
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Product Details:

Purity %>99%
Packaging Details2.5 litre Bottle
Grade StandardLab Reagent LR Grade
CAS No63-67-0
Synonyms1-Propanol, N-propanol, Propyl alcohol
Chemical FormulaC3H8O
Physical StateLiquid
Odourpungent alcoholic odor
Molecular Weight60.096
Melting Point89
Boiling Point82.6 DegreeC
Vapor Density2.1 (vs air)
Vapor Pressure10 mmHg ( 147 Degree C),14.9 mmHg ( 20 Degree C)
Autoignition Temperature700 Degree F

1 Propanol Price List

Packaging Details Price
1 litre bottle Rs 4920
2.5 litre bottle Rs 11900

(*GST & transportations charges to be applied)

Get Best price of >99% pure 2.5 litre bottle of 1 Propanol CAS No. 63-67-0, C3H8O. For Certificate of Analysis (COA) & MSDS, kindly contact us.

Propan-1-ol is the parent member of the class of propan-1-ols that is propane in which a hydrogen of one of the methyl groups is replaced by a hydroxy group. It has a role as a protic solvent and a metabolite.


  • 1, 6×1, 2 L in glass bottle
  • 100 mL in glass bottle
  • 4 L in PVC-coated bottle

  • 1-Propanol may be employed as a solvent for the synthesis of mesoporous alumina.
  • Used in making cosmetics, skin and hair preparations 
  • It is used in pharmaceuticals
  • Used in perfumes
  • Lacquer formulations
  • Dye solutions
  • Antifreezes
  • Soaps

General description:
  • 1-Propanol is a linear alcohol. It exhibits Debye-type relaxation process which ressembles the α-relaxation and Johari-Goldstein type β-relaxation features of the supercooled liquids (nonhydrogen-bonding type).It has been tested as a substitute of the fuel for various fuel cells. Its biosynthesis from glucose using Escherichia coli strain has been proposed.

Recommended products:
  • Discover LiChropur reagents ideal for HPLC or LC-MS analysis

  • Highly Flammable liquid and vapor
  • May cause drowsiness or dizziness
  • Vapors irritate nose and throat
  • Contact with eyes is extremely irritating and may cause burns
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Potassium Bromide

Potassium Bromide
  • Potassium Bromide
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Product Details:

CAS Number7758-02-3
Usage/ApplicationPharmaceutical Industry
Chemical FormulaKBr
Appearance (Colour)White crystalline powder
Melting Point (MP)734 degree C
Molecular Weight119
GradeACS reagent
Vapor PressureLess than 0.01 mmHg ( 20 Degree C), 1 mmHg ( 795 Degree C)
AssayLess than or equal to 99.5% (AT)
ImpuritiesGreater than or equal to 0.001% total nitrogen (N)

TLC ReagentsPotassium bromide puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, ≥99.5% (AT)


  • May be used for removal of peripheral membrane proteins.

Potassium bromide may be employed in the following studies:

  • Spectrophotometric determination of aromatic amino compounds. 
  • Preparation of AgBr nanoparticles (NPs).
  • In combination with cerium(IV) ammonium nitrate (CAN), it has been employed for the bromination of alkenes.
  • As an oxidant for the selective monobromination of various deactivated anilines.
  • Preparation of sample pellets for IR spectroscopic investigations.

Other Notes:
  • TLC detection, for the in situ production of bromine.

General description:
  • Potassium bromide (KBr) is an alkaline-earth chloride. Density, viscosity and electrolytic conductivity of concentrated aqueous solutions of alkaline-earth chlorides [KBr, LaCl3, Na2SO4, NaBr, KNO3 and Cd(NO3)2] have been evaluated.
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Ammonia Solution 25%

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Product Details:

Density0.903 g/cm3 (20 Degree C)
BP37.7 Degree C (1013 hPa)
Vapor Pressure483 hPa (20 Degree C)
Mp-57.5 Degree C
Storage TemperatureStore at +2 Degree C to +25 Degree C

HPLC Buffers and Reagents Ammonia solution 25% for HPLC LiChropur®:


100 ml in Glass bottle (5438300100)

expl. lim.

15.4 - 33.6 %(V)

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